Environmental Control Officers (ECO) / Film Officers (FO)

The increased demand for locations has caused an increased environmental and social impact on regularly utilised locations. For this reason having an ECO or Film Officer on your set is advisable.


ECO – this was a concept founded by Peninsula Permits in 1999 due to the high impact on locations due to shoots not being properly managed. ECO’s are qualified environmentalists who have been trained as to how a film shoot works. They accompany crews on to environmentally sensitive locations to ensure the location is utilised in the correct manner and is left as it was found. We have ECO’s available for any location in South Africa at very competitive rates.


FO – this is a similar concept to the ECO although they are utilised in locations that are not necessarily environmentally sensitive but may have other factors that deem it a sensitive location and therefore extra management is required. These Officers do not necessarily have an environmental background but have specific knowledge of the type of location you have requested. Film Officers are also available for your peace of mind should you be filming in a very expensive house and want an extra pair of eyes or in an area where the social impact may cause disruption to your filming.